Infuse Learning

Where is Infuse Learning? 
We are always trying to decode the level of our students understanding.  When are students are all online via cell phones, ipads, or laptops we can gather this information quick and easy with Infuse Learning.
What is Infuse Learning?
Remember clickers? Infuse learning is a similar concept.  There are countless applications! Art teachers, insert an image and have students diagram the composition. Math teachers and science teachers, students can draw the steps they went through to solve the problem. ELA teachers, ask a few true or false or A, B, or C questions about last nights reading assignment as a bell ringer to assess where your students understanding of the text falls before the discussion even starts!

This short video will take you through the set up.

If you are interested in data, use the Quiz feature and your students names and answers will populate in a SPREADSHEET, I love a spreadsheet!  For a former art teacher, I am surprisingly concrete/sequential!

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