Blended Learning Coach Role

At the beginning of the school year, teachers are bombarded with changes.  To list a few my school is confronted with:
  • different buildings
  • new team members
  • new preps
  • more students
  • new leadership 
  • new technology
That being said, I am constantly impressed with staff wanting to branch out and try new things and venture in new directions to engage their students in meaningful learning environments.

I am here to support YOU!

Model, co-teach, co-plan best instructional practices for digital integration with teachers

Meet with and co-plan student learning experiences with teachers who are blending

Supply both high and low tech instructional support

Design and lead professional development for instructional strategies (digital instruction, classroom management, assessments, etc)

Support eLeads

Conduct classroom observations as an non evaluative support for instruction

Conduct classroom observations for building trends and data collection

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