Thursday, August 7, 2014

August is upon us!

Is it really here? It is a million degrees in outside and the air-conditioning is pumping inside, so I know it is August.  My daughter has been checking the mail every day for 2 weeks wondering when she was going to see the name of her teacher. She is so very excited! My son registered today and is FINALLY getting thereneedless to say he really likes summer!  After our Liberty Leads Conference, it was impossible for me not to get into the back to school spirit and if you add the last few days of learning with my colleagues this week, I am thrilled to jump in with both feet! And that is saying something when my feet were in the sandy beaches of Alabama just last week.

Orange Beach, Alabama
The thing that resonated with me through all of my professional learning this summer, which was extensive, is the reminder that I am also a learner.  That is an important discovery for me.  It is easy to think as a teacher, coach, and administrator that you are the expert in every facet of school.  I am glad to hear from so many amazing individuals at Liberty Leads, ISTE, and in my own district meetings, I am a leader AS a learner.  Participating in the learning process is where it is at!  Blogging, sharing, and taking the next innovative step is required even if it is not in your normal wheelhouse. 

If you need some inspiration, check out a few of these TED talks from our incredible guest line up. It is going to be an amazing year of teaching and learning in Liberty!